Our Amazing Dogs

Our Girls


Siberian Husky

Icy is a striking black and white (female) Siberian Husky. We picked her because of her calm temperament, but her gorgeous blue eyes didn't hurt either. Icy is amazing with our kids and other pets, including our cat. We have trained her as a therapy dog for our autistic son. She is also trained in basic search and rescue techniques. Icy was the perfect addition to our family and we can't imagine life without her.


Siberian Husky

When we picked up Chinook as a puppy we fell in love with her instantly. She is our gorgeous silver (Female) Husky with beautiful markings, and blue eyes. Chinook is very calm little lady (for a husky) and a very fast learner. She loves to be with our family and will often follow me around the house. Chinook is very talkative and so loyal! She is an amazing mom and helps raise any young pup that comes into our home.


Siberian Husky

Stormy is our gorgeous CKC registered Husky she has a gorgeous coat and an amazing build. She is everything a husky should be. Stormy loves to sled and has since she arrived (not with weight till she was old enough but she would run along with the other girls her first winter). Stormy loves people and wants to play constantly, she is happy to see everyone (and animal) who enters our home. Stormy is really funny and the silliest of our huskies. On walks people seem drawn to her more than our other huskies and I wonder if it is her brown puppy dog eyes or just her friendly loving nature.



Tundra is our stunning F1 Pomsky she came from my good friend at Lollipop Pomskies. Tundra has gorgeous bi-eyes and striking markings. We are stopped constantly when we take her out, and Tundra adores the attention. Tundra is the most confidant puppy we have ever brought home and she adjusts to new situations quickly. She is always happy to snuggle with us (she can be carried like a baby with always makes me laugh). She really is a fun loving lady and spends her day playing with whoever she can.



Frost is wolf grey (female) first generation or F1 Pomsky. She has a gorgeous woolly coat as is so soft and fluffy. Frost is a sweet girl who loves to cuddle and can often be found on our laps. She is a very happy girl and she wags her tail more than any  of our other dogs.  Frost came to us from Snowoof Pomskies and we are so grateful to have her here. 

Our Boys


F2 Pomsky

Maverick is a husky marked Chocolate (Male) Pomsky. Maverick was bred by our friends at Pomsky Lolipop. Maverick is a second generation or F2 Pomsky. Maverick is a ball of energy he loves playing with our dogs and kids and is such a little clown. We love to see what "trouble" he will get into next. We can't wait to have chocolate puppies that look just like  our Mr. Maverick!

Previous Studs


Scout is a little dog with a big personality and the friendliest dog you will ever meet. He fit perfectly into our family from day one. Scout gets along with the other dogs, any people he meets, and even became instant friends with our cat. Sadly we have learned that Scout has a low sperm count and likely won't sire any more litters. Scout is an Orange Sable and the father to our first litter.



Rocky is a Black and White Parti (Male) Pomeranian. Rocky is an easy going, happy go lucky guy. He lives with my sister and brother-in-law and their 5 children. He is very well socialized and great with children. He is often happy to fall asleep in the arms of my 3 year old niece. Rocky will be between 5-6 pounds once he is full grown. Rocky will help us produce some beautiful Pomskies.


F1 Pomsky

Arrow is a husky marked Black and Tan Sable (Male) Pomsky. Arrow was bred by us his parents are Icy and Ranger. Arrow is a first generation or F1 Pomsky. Arrow is a bit of goofball and makes us laugh constantly. He loves people and is always happy to play with us of the other dogs.



Ranger is just a ball of fluff he weighs almost 4 pounds but that doesn't stop him from anything. Ranger loves people and will always find his way onto your lap. He is also happy to run around with our dogs and kids. He has gorgeous markings and we love seeing all of his beautiful puppies!

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