About Us

Our Pomsky Adventure

At our house we love pets, dogs in particular, and for me that’s how it’s always been. I have spent my life wanting to breed dogs (just like my Aunt) and I have spent my adult years researching and preparing for that. I have always loved Siberian Huskies, they are so smart and beautiful and everything a dog should be. When I first heard of Pomskies I was intrigued by the crossbreed and wanted to know more. When I realized they were real and that they were a smaller and more easily trained than a Husky I was in love! I soon realized this was the dog I wanted to breed! I have spent years talking to breeders, looking into proper breeding and socialization, and looking for the right dogs to produce the perfect Pomskies. We are proud members of the International Pomsky Association.

 My husband and I live in Calgary with our 4 children, 6 dogs, our cat and our bearded dragon. We love to spend our time together and when weather permits we love to be outside!

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