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Products we LOVE

We send home lots of things to help make the first few days easier but here are some more products that we recommend and use in our house!

36" Wire Crate
This 36 wire crate has two doors which we love and fits even the largest Pomkies 

30" Wire Crate

This 30" wire crate will fit Pomskies of most sizes and I love that is has double doors

24" Wire Crate

This 24" crate is perfect for our smaller Pomskies and has the double door feature

Reusable Puppy Pee Pads

Reusable Puppy Pee pads - These pads are a life saver we use them in the whelping box to keep everything clean and dry and we use them to help potty train our puppies before they come home to you. They wash up great and can handle the wear and tear of puppies.

This set of 2 stainless steel bowls is great! We recommend only using glass or stainless steel bowls as they are the easiest to keep clean and with Pomskies I find stainless steel to be the best option.

Kong Dog Toy

These are great when you need to keep your dog busy! They can really help with crate training, and with teething puppies. We fill them with all sorts of treats and even use them frozen. We always have a few ready to go. 

Tuffy Toys

It can be hard to find toys that Pomskies don't destroy almost immediately and this is why we love Tuffy brand toys. The dogs love them and they are so durable!


We love these probiotics when you are struggling with loose poops with your new puppy and they were recommended by our Vet.

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