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Our most Frequently Asked Questions

How much do Pomskies cost?

Our puppies cost $3000 -$4000 plus shipping where needed. We don't take a deposit until we have a puppy selected for you, at that point we require a deposit of $500 to hold your puppy. We require payment in full upon pickup or a week before if puppy is being shipped home. It takes a great deal of time and planning to create our adorable Pomsky puppies. Huskies and Pomeranians can't breed naturally so this adds to the cost of our puppies as does the time and care each puppy receives before coming home to you. With your Pomsky puppy you will also receive a bag of dog food, and a bag of puppy essentials. Each of our puppies will be registered with the International Pomsky Association, Vet checked, dewormed, and their first set of shots. We also get all of our puppies micro-chipped before they come home to you. All of our puppies come with a lifetime of breeder support  this means I will also provide you with any information you want whenever it is needed. Our puppies are part of our family and we want them to go to the best possible homes.

Do you have a waiting list?

We do have a waiting list and it typically takes between 6 months to a year to get  puppy from us.  Keep an eye on our Facebook page and website for pictures and updates on our expected litters. If we have available puppies they will be posted here and on our Facebook page.

When will you have puppies?

We are hoping to have our next litter(s) born in the February of 2018, ready to go home in the spring of 2018. We have bred Ranger to Icy, Ranger to Chinook and Ranger to Stormy we will confirm pregnancy early in 2018. We also hope to have our first F2 (second generation) litter born later in 2018. For the most up to date information follow our Facebook page and check our available puppies’ page. 

Do you have a puppy contract?

Yes we do have a contract. We ask that you update us on the weight and height of your puppy and we want pictures regularly for the first year. This is so we can track the size, markings, and temperament of our puppies. In our contract we also ask that all puppies are returned to us if you can't not keep them. We go over what we expect of our puppy owners. We also ask that all our puppies be spayed or neutered. If you are interested in being part of our breeding program there is a chance we will have a puppy or two go to breeding homes. If this is the case we will do a second contract to ensure the best care and health for our puppies.

Can you ship your puppies?

We can ship our puppies, we only use WestJet and will only ship our dogs on direct flights departing from Edmonton. We use Westjet because they treat our puppies so well and have an amazing track record. The puppies are flow in a compartment that is pressurized and temperature controlled (unlike shipping a dog cargo). When a puppy is going to be shipped we take extra care to make sure they are ready for the trip home in a crate. We make a point to get all our puppies ready to go home whether it is a short drive or a long flight we want it to be as easy as possible for you and your new pup.

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